Saturday, 5 November 2011

Fragrance Families - the last four

Your natural beauty…

Fern and lavender, complemented by numerous other components, such as oak moss, fresh herbs or courmarin, create a very intriguing fragrance family- fougere, whose name derives from French word meaning fern. The history of this group dates back to 19th century – that was when the first fragrance of this family was created: Fougere Royale (Royal Fern). Due to the composition Fourgere is divided into two subgroups. The first one is dominated by lavender and the second one by fern.

Deep aroma of the South

Unique composition of wood, ground-herbal patchouli aroma, aromatic oil of bergamot, cedar oil, castoreum and other components, create a highly valued and popular fragrance family of CHYPRE. The name of that group derives from the first perfumes: Chypre Coty, which were inspired by Francois Coty's memorable vacation spent in Cyprus in 1917. Fragrances that belong to that group are divided into three subfamilies: chypre-fruit, chypre-wood, and chypre-animal.

Summer all year round

Fresh and juicy fruit such as lime, orange and bergamot create a very refreshing CITRUS family. It gives you an incredible boost of energy and stimulate you to action. These fragrances used to be created for men only, but currently they are recognised as a universal group. Depending on the composition the citrus family is divided into subgroups of lemon, mandarin, orange and bergamot.

Discreet elegant charm

Warm and rich notes of sandal or guaiacum wood, patchouli oils combined with a bit raw but refined aroma of cedar and vetiver, and also floral scents create an elegant and sophisticated fragrance family of WOOD. Some components of these scents, such as sweet, resinous, and slightly musky sandal wood, were already used as fragrances in antiquity. This family is divided into subgroups: floral, fruit, and patchouli based.

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Fragrance family - ORIENTAL

Indescribable power of sensual scents

ORIENTAL perfumes are exotic, sensual and seductive compositions suitable mostly for women. This group is often reffered to as ambergris group and its name derives from Fran├žois Coty's famous perfume - L’Ambre Antique from 1905. Sweet notes of vanilla, spicy scent of cinnamon and fruity-spicy smell of cardamom make this group a classic and sharp fragrance. This group includes subfamilies: oriental flower, spicy and ambergris

FM 162 is an example of oriental scents

Fragrance is your second skin so get it right

Remember that perfumes can smell differently on other people's skin, depending on the unique
fragrance of skin, its moisture and pH value. Never buy certain perfumes just because you like
them on someone else. The fragrance will create a unique composition with that person's skin
and you may find a different fragrance more suitable.

Nice day

Kwa wale wanaovutiwa na muonekano wa chupa ya perfume

Chupa imetuliaaa.

Fan di FENDI

Fan Di <em>Fendi</em> Eau De Parfum 50ml

FENDI Fan de FENDI (It is a pure object of desire. A glamorous piece of sensual gold. The Eau de Parfum is an exciting fragrance, a sexy scent for the skin)

Kwa wale wanaobabwa na chupa itafuteni hii iko sokoni sasa hivi.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Perfume ipi iliwahi kukubamba

Mimi niliwahi bambwa na hii perfume Eau du soir ya sisley. Hii ndio perfume strong na expensive niliyowahi tumia wakati niko kwenye kipindi cha kuexplore fragrance. Nahisi ni expensive kwa sababu ya packaging (hasa uo mfuniko wa gold ambao ukimaliza perfume waweza tumia kama napkin holder, ni ubunifu tu) na concentration ya perfume ukitumia kwenye ngozi itabidi uoge mara kazaa ili usiisikie kabisa. Ila inanukiaa vizuri bwana. 

Je wewe umedata na ipi? Share nasi kwa kuacha comment hapo chini. Endelea kuenjoy

Eau du Soir by Sisley for women

Eau du Soir is the second perfume by the house of Sisley and it is feminine, elegant and eternal. Its complex and rich composition is based on perfect harmony of contrasted lines: fresh citrus, sensual flowers, warm amber and musk. The bottle, with its golden stopper (made of 18 karat gold), was designed by Polish sculptor Branislaw Kryzstof. The top notes are mandarin orange, grapefruit, spruce and carnation. The heart consists of seringo, jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley. Musk, amber and patchouli are in the base. Countess Isabelle d’Ornano was given Eau de Soir as a gift by her husband, count Hubert d'Ornano in 1990. The count created a unique floral composition in the centre of which was Spanish flower seringa. Its fragrance, as in the case of many other types of white flowers, radiates an intense scent through night air and attracts night butterflies to pollinate it. The perfume was created to remind countess of her childhood in Spain. The name was chosen because of night flower seringe (in French, soir means evening). For several years Eau de Soir was countess' personal perfume and it was no sooner than 1999, after her friend persuaded her, that it was released for public.

Perfumista kama unapenda marashiiiii isake ni kama $200 hivi kwa ml 100.
 Kama unajenga usikonde tumia FM 142


Perfumistas wengi wanauliza FM ina maana gani?

FM ni brand name ya products za Federico Mahora (FM)

Company yake inaprovide high quality fragrance na makeup kwa bei nafuu kwa sababu hawatumii macelebrity au matangazo yoyote kwenye TV au magazeti kama madesigner wengine kutangaza bidhaa zao na kuongeza bei ya perfume zao. unaponunua perfume za FM unakuwa umenunu moja kwa moja kutoka kiwandani kupitia networking marketing kwa bei nafuu ukilinganisha na brand nyingine kwa quality bora zaidi (perfumistas wanaotumia FM fragrance mnaelewa ninachoongelea).

Nicole Kidman anlipwa £15 million kutangaza Chanel No. 5, you pay for it. FM perfume haina hizi cost.

na bei ndio kama hivyo £61 kwa 50ml na £86 kwa 100ml ambazo ni sawa na TSH 160,000 na 230,000
Nimetumia mfano wa chanel kwani standard ya perfume zake ni similar na FM na FM ni even better quality

Tofauti na brand nyingine FM wanatengeneza scents zaidi ya 150 kwa hito badala ya kuzipa perfume zao majina zina namba. Kuna FM 05 mpaka 329 huwezi kosa chaguo lako. Hata Chanel ana Chanel no. 5 na 19.

Kwa wale ambao bado hawajui bei zetu ni kuanzia Tsh 48,000 mpaka 85,000 tuu kulinganga na ujazo (ml), packaging na concentration ya perfume. Sio lazima kutoa malaki kunukia vizuri. Kumbuka FM fragrance ni Eau de perfume sio eau de toilet kama perfume nyingi madukani kwa hiyo inakaa kwenye ngozi/nguo kwa mda mrefu, ukijipulizia asubuhi mpaka jioniiiii bado unanukia. Ukipata perfume inayokaa kwenye nguo mda mrefu kuliko FM kwa bei ya chini ya FM rudisha nawe utarudishiwa pesa yako kama ulivyotoa. So far hakuna complaints ni compliments tuu.

Wahi yako sasa unukieeee.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Chagua perfume yako kutokana na fragrance groups

Ni vigumu sana kuchagua perfume moja au mbili hasa wakati huu ambao kuma perfume nyingi sana madukani kutoka katika brand tofauti.

Nimeweka magroup haya ya perfume kama guide tu in case haujui uanzie wapi kuchagua ideal perfume yako. Kama unajua perfume unayotaka ni vizuri zaidi, go for it. Trendy perfume Tz kuna perfume kwa kila group hapa chini wewe uliza tu unayotaka utapata kwa wote wanaume na wanawake.

CASUAL: Informal and natural (FM 25)

Fragrances that are universal and full of charm are a perfect blend of elegance and everyday ease. Perfect at work and in informal situations.

CHIC: Elegant and stylish (FM 57)

Captivating chic compositions for unusual occasions. The best accessories for your sophisticated formal attire.

CLASSIC: Perfect standard (FM 262)

Harmonious notes are the homage paid to classic beauty. They arouse fascination and they are unforgettable. They are suitable for any occasion.

BUSINESS: Imbued with success

Well-balanced compositions suitable for those who want to be successful. Recommended for business meetings and for all the places where you want to show your professionalism.

COOL: Party time ( FM 297)

 Unique and a bit extravagant fragrances guarantee a perfect mood for celebration. Get carried away by your imagination and be the star of the party!

MODERN: Fashionable (FM 199)

Thrilling compositions for people who love unusual combinations. They delight with their originality and they reflect modern fashion perfectly.

PROVOCATIVE: Attractive (FM 142)

Discreet invitati
on to a tempting flirt. Not everything needs to be said – sometimes it is enough to smell perfectly and all becomes clear.

REFRESHING: Invigorating (FM 296)

Energising and refreshing aromas can easily make you feel better. They are light, delicate and very inspiring.

ROMANTIC: Dreamy (FM 159)

Compositions for people who are familiar with romantic passions. Theese fragrances are an inspiration for dreams and an impulse for spontaneous actions.

SEXY: Alluring (FM 294)

Intense emotions delivered by these compositions will make you feel very sexy.

TIMELESS: In vogue (FM 152)

Timeless compositions that never go out of fashion. They are suitable for any occasion.

 WARM: Passionate (FM 195)

Fascinating scents that  inflame the senses, raise the temperature like no other! Perfect for the evening.

SPORTIVE: Active (FM 192)

Fresh and invigorating fragrance notes will stimulate you to take on new challenges, challenges connected not only with sport.

SEDUCTIVE: Magnetic (FM 293)

Seductive scents that bring you into the world of unforgettable experiences. They tempt with the richness of fragrance notes. They are recommended especially for the evening.

ENERGISING: Vigorous (FM 300)

Intense and dynamic. They are like an uncontrolled energy explosion. Feel the new power in you!

ELEGANT: Smart ( FM 287)

Perfectly combined aromas of noble fragrance notes will be ideal in situation when you want to show your class.

FRESH: Cooling (FM 292)

Fascinating fresh fragrances captivate with their lightness and etherealness. They bring cool relief just like a fresh breeze on a hot day

SENSUAL: Voluptous

Sensual fragrances that inflame the senses, emphasise self-confidence, success, and thirst for new experiences.


Perfume designer Kim Kardashian ataka talaka baada ya ndoa ya siku 72 tu!

Presenter jina kubwa Kim Kardashian na mumewe Kris Humphreys wameachana na kuna habari  ya kuwa Kim ame-file divorce baada ya ndoa yao kudumu kwa takribani siku 72 tu. Ilishahabarishwa kuwa Kim alionekana akiwa hana pete yake ya ndoa kwa siku kadhaa kabla ya habari hii.

Kim alitoa limited edition perfume 'LOVE' maalum kwa ajili ya harusi yake na ambayo iliuzwa na kwisha ndani ya siku kumi tu. What a hit!!


Monday, 31 October 2011

Ukweli kuhusu pheromones spray na kuongeza mvuto

Kwa wale perfumistas waliotaka kujua zaidi kuhusu pheromones spray, soma artical hapa chini.

Pheromones increase attraction.

You dont have to be born with good look to be popular. Sometimes a little charm can go a long way. Charming people use secreat weapon that double their appeal to the opposite sex almost instantly, no gym membership required. It's based on the natural science of sexual attraction and it's proven to enhance your love life. The secret weapon is Pheromones.

What are Pheromones?
Pheromone is greek from the word Pheran meaning to transfer and Horman meaning to excite.
Pheromones are natural chemicals found in insects, animals and humans that are secreted in sweat and other bodily fluids. they release neurotransmitters that are believed to directly modify the behaviour of the opposite sex. Animals in perticular, communicate through pheromones. Pheromones are nature's aphrodisiac and when applied topically they can greatly improve your relationship and life.

Scientist have long hypothesized that these pheromones are natuaral sexual attractants that wield a powerful influence on their mating habits. In fact, many studies have shown that people who produce higher than average amount of pheromones have greater success with members of the opposite sex. 

have you ever wondered how some people seem to get 'lucky' more often than othes? Or have you seen a couple just 'hit it off' after meeting for the first time. Some people call it 'great chemistry' but part of what makes up this sensuous attraction to the opposite sex is pheromones.

researchers have shown in clinical experiments that male pheromones trigger a subconsious sexual response in women. These are the men women find irresistible, desireble, and highly sedactive.

In one study, pheromones were sprayed on only one chair in a dentist's waiting room. The other chairs were not sprayed. it was found that women were more likely to sit on the chair that was sprayed with pheromone tha the others.

In similar study conducted on the national TV show ABC 20/20 identical twin brothes were used in the testing. only one of the twins was sprayed with pheromone. women found the twin who had pheromone on more attractive than the other.

It is also said that businness men use pheromones to gain additional trust and respect; and sales people use pheromones and found it adventage in their dealing with customers.

Haya perfumistas ni hayo tu. je, ni kweli pheromones zinafanya kazi, zisake na wewe upate jibu. eti ukitaka kujua uzuri wa ngoma uingie uchezee. Kama ushatumia tayari unakaribishwa kutoa maoni yako.

Week end njema.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Shamim wa 8020 fashions did it

What a star, kapendezaaaa chezea zeze

Hongera shamim

Perfumes that every perfumista should try, you will never go unnoticed

Perfumes on sale now

For him (Luxury collection)

FM 152 (Wood , for elegant smell), 100ml EDP- Carefully chosen composition of spicy notes with white pepper.

FM 155(Wood, go ahead scent), 100ml EDP - Easily addictive, luxury scent of cardamom, saffron and geraniun    

FM 169 (Chypre, light scent), 100ml EDP - Relaxing aroma of Sicilia mandarin and spices 

FM 195 (Wood for elegant men), 100ml EDP - A mix of coriander and cardamom smoked with a touch of precious tobacco.

FM 198 (Wood for determined men), 50ml EDP - Pretty extraordinary composition of amber, white pepper and papyrus.  

For him (classic collection )

(FM 54, 56, 60, 68, 134, 135, 208 and 223 all 50ml EDP)

FM 54 (Fougere for bussiness attire)- Mysterious aroma of bergamot, mint, sage, lavender, cedar and oak moss.

FM 56 (Chypre for determined men) - Inflaming your senses with extracts of honeysuckle, juniper, resin and cedar.  

FM 60 (Wood for Liberated men )- Orange, mint, ginger, galanga, moss and musk, the scent of freedom.  

FM 68 (Fougere for business) - Provoking scent of cedar wook, lavender, tobacco, bergamot and lemon.
FM 134 (Citrus, light scent)- Captivating aroma of mandarin, bitter orange, cedar, patchouli and seaweed. 

FM 135 (Fougere, light scent)- Surprise with the intense aroma of mandarin, sour orange, santolina and ambergris.
FM 208 (Wood for elegant gentlemen) - Ultramodern fragrance which seduces with its sharpness of pink pepper and sweetness of tangerine. 

FM 223 (Oriental for elegant presentation)- Full of charm, an absolute combination of iris root, tuberose, sandal tree and musk.

Kumbuka hizi zote ni Eau de perfume sio kama brand nyingine Eau de toilet kwa hiyo inamaanisha inanukia mwilini/nguoni kwa muda mrefu kwa bei rahisi kulinganisha na perfume nyingine madukani.

Wahi ya kwako leo kabla hazijaisha kwani demand ni kubwa, piga simu sasa hivi namba 0716199724 au email order yako/ au kama unahitaji maelezo zaidi kupitia na uatajibiwa mara moja. order zinapelekwa mkoa wowote ndani ya tanzania hizi perfume ni za ukweli 100% money back guarantee kama utakua disappointed na quality!