Friday, 7 October 2011

Scent for irresistible temptation

Luxury collection 50ml FM 287 Fragrance for Her 

Tempting aroma of tonka beans, Chinese liquorice, ambergris, almond tree and jasmine.
(Long lasting and 100% money back guarantee). It belongs to wood family fragrances which are meant to discreet elegant charm.

 This is for those who want to be themselves ragardless of the situation. You can wear this at any occasion, work, outing, or for easy day at home.

Order yako sasa  piga simu namba 0716199724 (Tanzania) au email (Worldwide). Thanks for visiting and please call  back for more scents and perfumes tips

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Know the beauty of FM Perfumes

FM perfumes are in the same 6 Fragrance Family Groups as other leading brands in the Market as explained in the older post. Chypre , Wood,  Floral, Fougere , Oriental  and Citrus

Most people buy branded name Eau de Parfum (only 12% - 16% concentrated) or Eau de Toilette (only 3-8%) products because of the high cost of their perfumes
FM PERFUMES are   20% to 30% concentrated
This means that FM perfumes last longer. The good news is FM Perfumes have recognisable similarities to other leading brands  – and are far less expensive . So why pay more?

 Why are FM perfumes so inexpensive
The cost of producing FM perfumes is about the same as for all of the other leading brands available in stores.
The difference? No Famous Name Endorsements, No Expensive Packaging, No Advertising
That is why FM perfumes are so inexpensive (Don’t be fooled by the price tag or brand name)

FM Perfumes are unique and high quality. You will enjoy using your. Continue to visit for more tips and updates about perfumes as well as see our luxury and classic FM Perfume
Get yours now by calling 0716199724 for those in Tanzania or email or simply leave your query through comments and get answers in minutes Around the World.